How it all began

DromeDairy started with the dream of founder Dr. Max Bergmann to run his own farm. Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a disease that has left Max almost fully blind, this dream seemed impossible to many, but not to Max. He had already mastered a lot of challenges in his life, competing in the Paralympics twice and completing a PhD in Agricultural Science, now he was ready for the next adventure.

It all began with three young camels from the wild, Elke, Petra and Rita (named after the beloved neighbours of his parents in Germany). Max quickly fell in love with the intelligent, kind and sometimes a bit stubborn nature of his camels and soon expanded his little camel family.

When milking his camel ladies, Max noticed how soft his rough worker’s hands became when the milk got onto his hands. He did some research and quickly realised that camel milk was more effective than any other natural skin care ingredient. This was the start of DromeDairy Body + Skin.

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Ethically run camel dairy

At DromeDairy Body + Skin we really care about our camels and the nature we live in. That’s why we make sure the farming we do is sustainable, ethical and that our products are 100% recyclable.

We strive to become a carbon neutral camel dairy and have just installed our first solar system, which is equivalent of planting 199 trees a year!

our mission

Australia has the largest and healthiest wild dromedary population in the world! Yet, the government spends millions to cull these beautiful animals. Our mission is to save Australia’s camels, build up a valuable industry and help people to feel good in their skin - all at the same time.

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happy camels

Our camels come from Australia’s outback and are tamed and trained on our farm in the Perth Hills. We only use gentle, trust-based training techniques, minimising the stress on the animals and making sure herd structures are maintained.

Unlike in other dairies, the camel calves are not separated from their mums after birth. They stay with their mums, ensuring they get all the milk they need and maintain a strong bond throughout.

Too good to be true? Come and see with your own eyes, we're happy to welcome you at our farm in the Perth Hills, WA.