DromeDairy Body + Skin: The Safe and Ethical Beauty Products of your Dreams

In a time where each of us has become more earth-conscious (for good reason), more and more of us are only buying and using ethical beauty products on our skin.

 Ethical beauty products can have a few different variations and interpretations, but at its core, ethical beauty means that your products cost the earth nothing. For us, ethical beauty means that products are never tested on animals and any animal byproducts used are sourced with love and compassion. 

That is exactly how we work here at DromeDairy Body + Skin. Our camels are the happiest camels in Australia, and maybe even the world. Each of our camels has a name and a fully-rounded personality and we know each of them as well as we know our friends and family. They are sometimes grumpy in the morning when we wake them up early and excited when lunch and dinner time comes around, and are constantly curious and always affectionate - they are just like us!

How do we source the camel milk to create ethical beauty products?

The process of milking our giant beauties is something that we have put a lot of thought and time into. Discovering the best milking practices has been a journey for us and for our camels but we are confident that we have the most ethical, completely cruelty-free and streamlined process possible.

Our little calves are never separated from their mum for long periods and are kept with mum throughout the entire milking process and we never milk the camels until the baby has had its fill first. This reduces stress on both baby and mum and as they always work with a small team, each camel knows and trusts us.

Our world's first mobile camel dairy enable us to leave the camels on their wide open paddocks 24/7 as we take the milking to them instead having to bring them in a yard dairy system. This does not only enable us to milk our camels stress-free but also has many other advantages, such as reducing effluent hot spots. Our only issue is convincing the camels that they have to wait their turn, so eager are they to get to the milking because they know what yummy treats are waiting for them!

 To learn a bit more about our innovative milking system, you can watch Max on landline here.

Where did we get our camels?

Sadly, in Australia, thousands of camels are culled each year, in the bush. This is because camels, who played a pivotal role in opening up the continent of Australia back in the 19th Century, were allowed to roam free and became feral after their work was complete. This has lead to huge camel populations which can cause issues for people and farms. A single camel can strip a tree bare so just imagine what a herd of them can do to important crops and livestock.

However, at DromeDairy Body + Skin, we want to offer an alternative to these often cruel culls. Camels have huge potential and when given a little training and some positive reinforcement, they can become some of the best animals to work with. 

Many of the camels here on our farm in the Perth Hills have been saved from Bush Culls and given a home with us. Even though most of our camels are not currently used for milking, we just like having them around and they are all part of our family.

There is little that compares to having a coffee on our front step in the morning as the sun comes up, surrounded by our camels as they wake up and begin to wander around for the day, often stopping by for a cuddle and a chat. Humpy, in particular, is rarely far from our front door.



What ethical skincare products do we offer?

 We pair our ethically-sourced camel milk with tried and tested skincare ingredients to bring you a range of high-quality and affordable skincare. We only use fresh camel milk that has not been treated with high temperatures and pressures or harsh chemicals so that all of the goodness from the milk goes directly into your skin.

Because of the unique molecular structure of the milk, it is absorbed much more quickly and deeper into the skin than other products, giving you an instantaneous moisturising effect. To top it all off, they smell great, have anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, and are suitable for the most sensitive skin too. What more could you want?

You can shop the entire Feel Good Collection, or pick from a few choice ethical beauty products below.


Camel Milk Skin Care Package - $40.00 

Includes 220ml bottles of Camel Milk Hand + Body Soap and Lotion. Suitable for all skin types. Made in Australia.


 Camel Milk Hair Care Package - $35.00

Includes 300ml bottles of Camel Milk Shampoo + Conditioner. Suitable for all hair types. Made in Australia.


Camel Milk Soap Bar - $8.95

Choose from Cherry Blossom, Black Ebony, Bamboo & Green or Lemon and Lime. Suitable for all skin types. Hand-made in Australia. 


Camel Milk Lip Balm - $4.80

Leaves your lips super soft and moisturised. Suitable for all skin types. Made in Australia.


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