Camel Milk Hair Care Package
Camel Milk Hair Care Package
Camel Milk Hair Care Package
Camel Milk Hair Care Package

Camel Milk Hair Care Package

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Australian hair care with fresh Camel Milk for luxurious hair. Nurture your hair with the food it deserves. Camel Milk nourishes and revitalises your hair and scalp, taming frizzy hair, treating dandruff and preventing split ends

Our shampoo and conditioner have a light texture and refreshing scent for a great feel and effortless styling.

Camel Milk hair care for men, women and our little ones.

Suitable for all hair colours and types.



A powerful milkshake 

Camel milk is a natural protein shake. Used in skin and hair care, it's known to have deeply nourishing effects. A powerful mix of nutrients, vitamins and minerals hydrates, repairs and energises your hair. Its unique immune proteins and abundance in omega-oils, leave you with silky hair that is healthy and resistant. The Milk we use in our products comes straight from our happy camels to preserve all its natural benefits. 

Tame your mane

Camel milk hair care is a great remedy for dryness, but equally beneficial for oily hair. The DromeDairy Shampoo, infused with Oat Kernel Oil and Aloe Vera, gently removes excess oil whilst moisturising your hair and scalp. Jojoba Oil and Chamomile Extract add to the deeply hydrating properties in our Camel Milk Conditioner, preventing frizz and split ends that are often caused by a lack of moisture. With a light texture, it tames extra long & rebellious hair, without weighing your hair down or leaving an oily residue. A great finish that leaves your hair so soft, you don't want to stop running your hands through it. 

Farewell to dandruff

Lasting beauty does not come without health. That’s why our products do not only make your hair extra soft, they actively support scalp health and natural hair growth. With its gentle anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties it reduces dandruff and has a soothing effect for seborrheic dermatitis (scalp dermatitis), relieving you from that irritating feeling.

Love is in the hair

We are a loving farming family with a great passion for camels. Based in Western Australia, we create honest skin care from fresh camel milk. Our ethically produced products are designed to nourish your hair and skin naturally. Can you feel the love in your hair?

DromeDairy - Feel good in your skin.

Camel Milk Hair Care
→ helps with dandruff, dry and oily hair
→ for healthy scalps and luscious hair

Suitable for all hair types
✓ Straight and curly hair
✓ Natural and coloured hair
✓ Grey hair

2 x Pure Goodness for your hair
1 x 300ml Shampoo with Oat Kernel Oil / Aloe Vera / Vitamin B5
1 x 300ml Conditioner with Jojoba Oil / Chamomile Extract / Vitamin B5

✓ With Fresh Camel Milk from ethical farming
✓ 98.5 % Natural Ingredients
✓ Promoting scalp health
✓ Deeply hydrating
✓ 100% Recyclable Packaging
✓ Made in Australia