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DromeDairy Hand Sanitiser

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DromeDairy Hand Sanitiser kills 99.99% of all germs without drying out your skin! A simple and fast way to protect you and your family without the need of soap and water. 

Our hand sanitiser is effective, non-sticky, and air-dries quickly. Suitable for sensitive skin. With a subtle, refreshing eucalyptus scent.

Made in Western Australia.


Stay safe - without compromising on the health of your skin

Most hand sanitisers leave your skin dry and sore, especially after prolonged use! DromeDairy Hand Sanitiser is different! Its formula was developed with your long-term skin health in mind and leaves your hands soft and refreshed after every use. 

A simple and effective way to protect you and your loved ones, especially when you are on the move. So gentle, you can use it for the whole family.

Our tip:

To add extra moisture, especially when washing and sanitising your hands frequently, we recommend our Camel Milk Hand + Body Lotion, also available in the *F off Corona Package.


Skin care from Australia

DromeDairy is more than a skin care company. We are a young farming family on a mission to save camels in Australia and to make you feel good in your skin. Our products were developed to protect you and your family without compromising on your skin health - simple, effective and in harmony with nature. 

DromeDairy - Feel good in your skin. 


Purified Water / Glycerol / Hypermellose / Benzalkonium Chloride / Phenoxyethanol/ Eucalyptus Oil
220ml will last a loooong time.

✓ 40% Fresh Camel Milk from ethical farming 
✓ 98.5 % Natural Ingredients 
✓ Deeply hydrates & rejuvenates skin 
✓ Anti-inflammatory & anti-bacterial 
✓ 100% recyclable packaging 
✓ Made in Australia